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A Major Depression Symptom Many Don’t Know – PsyBlog

The symptom affects the ‘second brain’. Constipation is a common symptom of depression that many people don’t recognise as such. Gut problems affect around one-in-three people experiencing depression, research finds. Some report that bowel problems have the biggest impact in lowering their quality of life. Now, new research has linked both gut problems and the…
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A Weird Depression Symptom Most People Don’t Know

Email Why depressed people cannot hold on to positive memories and emotions. Depressed people have 30% worse memory on certain tasks, research finds. Depressed mood stops people from holding information in their memory. This may be why depressed people can find it hard to hold on to positive memories and emotions. It can also help…
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The Depression Symptom We Rarely Talk About

Anyone who has ever gotten cut off in traffic or stubbed their toe on a coffee table knows how quickly anger can go from zero to 100. Most of the time, getting mad is just a part of being human. But in some cases, constant rage could be a sign of a deeper issue: depression.…
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‘The Impossible Task’ depression symptom people are talking about

If you’ve encountered this, you’re not alone. Fizkes/Shutterstock Author M. Molly Backes started a discussion that many found resonant and helpful about “the Impossible Task” — when depression makes it difficult to do something you might otherwise find easy. Anything can become an impossible task if your depression convinces you that it is. People came…
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